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Web design trends for 2023: AI, AR, and other acronyms

The State of the Web Development Market — Is It Time to Worry?

Do you remember 2022? Seems like a lifetime ago, both in our personal and professional lives. The web has changed, too: Bing is no longer a laughing stock, people keep using AI for every little task, and the world of SEO is changing completely. Let’s talk about fresh web design trends for 2023.

Web design trends for 2023

Some of the popular trends have been popular for quite some time. Accessibility is as trendy as ever, which is a good thing for everyone involved, and in 2023, web design is heavily influenced by the new guidelines. That means paying more attention to high-contrast color schemes and easy-to-read fonts. Navigation has become more intuitive, too, to help users who can only rely on the keyboard for navigating a page.

When it comes to the way the user interacts with a page, we can rely even more on micro-interactions and animations. Micro-animations are a good way to guide your user, subtly explaining what’s happening on a website.

Acronyms drive us the most. AR and VR are the biggest topics lately. People get comfy using virtual worlds in new ways: Sony’s new PSVR2 helmet and Apple’s rumored device are noteworthy. AR is interesting for web devs, as it adds interactivity to sites such as eCommerce. With it, users can visualize products in their homes, as demonstrated by Apple’s own site.

AI, though, is the hottest topic there. Everyone is either panicking or scrambling to find a way to integrate AI into their services. ChatGPT has completely changed the status quo, forcing Google to try its best to fight the GPT-powered Bing. But AI is not only about the market giants. You can use AI-powered bots to assist your client or personalize the user experience.

AI tools can analyze your users’ data and adjust the content based on what they might want to see. This can be a game-changer for conversions! The same can be said about Predictive analytics, which uses machine learning to personalize the user experience further and predict user’s behavior.

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