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Web Designer Resume: Our Tips

Web Designer Resume: Our Tips

Resumes are hard work, but they are essential. No matter how good you are, you have little hope of landing a job without a decent resume. Today we are discussing the dos and donts of a web designer resume.

Web developer resume

First of all, your resume can’t be ordinary. Every web designer is a creative, artistic person, and their resume must feel like them. For that reason, treat your resume like a personal website. That means optimizing it for your target audience, using CTAs, and making navigating it a breeze.

But never go overboard. No matter how many achievements you have, you can be sure that a recruiter won’t spend more than five seconds reading it. They have many options, and your resume must captivate from the first second.

Use legible fonts that aren’t overly fancy. You are creative, yes, but most recruiters look for serious professionals. 

The About Me section is where you can be more creative. Make it unique, but also focus on the main points: your title, your experience, the things you can offer (which others can’t), and your most significant achievement. 

Don’t forget to add a link to your portfolio or GitHub. And make sure your GitHub looks nice and clean.

Experience is imperative. Don’t have one? Make at least a simple website for yourself on WordPress. Now you do! List your skills in a separate section. List everything!

If your GPA is high enough, be sure to mention it. Education matters for recruiters, so note any programs you participated in and every activity you were a part of.

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