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Web UI Design: Introduction for Dummies

UI design

All newbies in web design get startled because of the abundance of acronyms and complex terms, not knowing where to start and how to go on with website development. One of such perplexing concepts is the web UI design, which stands for the design of your web resource’s User Interface. What does it entail and how to make a great one? The Beluga Lab team clarifies confusion and doubts in this article.

What is Web UI Design?

Let’s start from the general and get down to the particular. Web design is the broadest term that includes all steps of website development, from its functional programming with the help of computer code to its visual design and layout. Web UI design is one of the design aspects that relate specifically to the development of functions for users’ interaction with the web resource. Thus, when talking about UI design, we mean controls that people may use to perform specific actions on the website (e.g., navigate among websites, send an inquiry, look through the pricing rates, view animation, etc.).

What Role Does Web UI Design Play in Website Efficiency?

The basic principle behind modern UI design is to make it as interactive and intuitive as possible. Users like responsive, simple UIs that they can navigate without extra effort. The intended action should be easy to perform. If the user doesn’t see the website’s response or receives another outcome, the platform’s UX is low.

In other words, your website is effective if it’s visually appealing, clear, and functional. The calls to action (CTAs) are located in visible places. They fulfill the role of urging the visitors to perform the intended actions. The color and typography comply with the overall brand identity, and the user feels that your resource can be trusted. Naturally, such an impression from a carefully designed UI increases your resource’s popularity and increases the revenue streams of your business.

How to Create an Impactful UI?

If you have a website under construction and want to create an effective UI, the main things to think about include:

  • Intuitiveness
  • Clarity
  • Simplicity
  • Visual appeal

Discuss these principles with your web designer and focus their efforts on a hassle-free user experience. In a nutshell, your controls should be self-explanatory, causing little hassle or confusion in the use even among first-time visitors. The less your users need to think about using your controls, the better your website will rank among competitors.

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