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Website Design and Development Services – What Is Included?

website design and development

Websites are essential marketing tools that create brand awareness and consistency for business. Business owners can lure customers into buying their products or using their services with a professionally designed website. That is why website design and development services are a vital process.

This article discusses what is included during website development. We shall also highlight what you should not include in the website design.

What to Include in Website Design and Development Services

Here are essential aspects you need to include in a website development process:

  • Website Platform

Each business uses a particular website platform. It is crucial to understand and identify a suitable platform that aligns with your business needs. Some of the efficient platforms available are Shopify, WordPress,, etc.

  • Web Design

Choosing an appropriate website theme is important since it will reflect on your brand. The type of web design you select should be within your budget and brand style. In addition, the experts should also include a wireframe or a mockup of the entire site. Such mockups allow you to have a rough idea of the website design.

  • Content and Images

You must factor in the content you want to feature on your website. The number of pages and images in your website impacts the cost of website design and development services, meaning the more the content, the higher the price. Therefore, ensure your website has only the necessary content that meets your business needs.

  • SEO Elements

Expert web developers must install SEO plugins on your website to enhance organic visibility. SEO design elements are essential since they ensure brand visibility when customers search terms in your line of business.

  • Hosting

Web hosting is when a website goes live on the Internet after completing the entire design and development process. However, it is not compulsory to include it in the development phase. You can use a hosted CMS or choose an independent platform, depending on your business needs.

  • Website Warranty

Including a warranty may not be mandatory, but most web developers add it to their terms of service. Such warranties often cover issues such as bugs or technical errors. However, the warranty terms usually depend on the company.

What’s Not Included?

Other elements not included in a website development include logo designing, copywriting, image sourcing, image editing, and domain, to name a few. Ultimately, website design and development services are crucial procedures that ensure you build an efficient site for your business and enjoy consistent brand awareness.

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