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Website Navigation Mistakes That Will Cost You

Website Navigation Mistakes That Will Cost You

Making a website is not that hard in 2022 — there are both professional devs ready to assist you and easy-to-understand builders with hundreds of ready-made themes. And yet we still make the same blunders when it comes to navigation. Today we list the most egregious website navigation mistakes.

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Website Navigation Mistakes that will cost you

For some reason, people really care about design but forget about the importance of good navigation, even though there’s hardly a more important aspect of web design. Good navigation increases conversions like nothing else can! Here’s what you can fix.

Fix your naming

Being original is great. Being too original is a sin. That concerns the names of your pages. People are used to titles like About Us, Site Map, Contacts, etc. And when they see your take on the usual pages, they don’t recognize them as what they’re looking for. That leaves your users confused. The industry norms are norms for a reason.

No dead ends

Dead ends are always bad. Any web page that fails to provide a way of backtracking your steps is a disaster. You have to leave your visitor a way to go back.

Focus on the most important pages

Some pages are more important than others. For the best result, focus on your key landing pages describing your service. The About pages are massive, too — make them stand out and informative. And last but not least, the conversion pages like Contacts.

Limit the number of links

Some clients we worked with think that more links = better. Well, not quite so. You better keep your navigation streamlined with only a few major links in the header menu. Forget about huge lists and sublists — keep it simple. Control the number of pages on your site to control the user’s journey. Make them go whenever you want them to go. 

Mobile navigation issues

Some time ago, many websites still kept forgetting about mobile devices. In 2022, most sites are optimized for mobile use. Still, now the other issue emerges — the users of laptops and desktop computers are growing tired of hamburger menus and other mobile inventions. Try to make everyone happy.

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