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Website Widgets: The Best Ones For Your Website

Website Widgets: The Best Ones For Your Website

Do we even need website widgets anymore, when modern CMS like WordPress offers so many features? As it turns out, we do. Some of them provide services, the others improve the overall experience and collect essential data. But what are the best ones?

Website widgets: what are they

The word “widget” is quite popular nowadays, primarily thanks to Apple and their use of widgets in iPhones. Website widgets are similar: usually, it’s a small interactive block on a page that shows info or allows you to interact with it. It can show anything, from the weather report to products on sale. They generate leads and collect data.

Our favorites



A great marketing tool, GetResponse offers quite a few widgets. There’s your standard subscribe widget, as well as a contact widget. User feedback is vital for any business, and GetResponse will help you get in touch with your visitors quickly. The widget works with other email marketing tools like Mailer and MailChimp.


You’ve probably already used Disqus. It’s more than a widget — it’s a way to give voice to your visitors. Comments can reap huge rewards for SEO, which we already discussed in a different material. Disqus is easy to set up and is absolutely irreplaceable.


Surveys are a great way to understand your visitors. Previously, those were a hassle to organize, but thanks to Survio, it’s all a matter of a few minutes. It looks nice on every device and supports email and SSL. There are tons of templates, too.


An indispensable widget for eCommerce sites, Smartsupp allows your visitors to ask questions right there on the website. Live chats are essential now, and your users will most likely value the ability to start a dialog. Chats can increase your conversion rate by 40%.

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