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What Are Metafields, Shopify 2.0 Secret Weapon

What Are Metafields, Shopify 2.0 Secret Weapon

Shopify is a powerful platform for eCommerce. If you need a store, Shopify is the best way to start selling. But it’s changing, adding new ways of getting ahead of the competition. Enter Metafields. They are easy and surprisingly potent. But what are Metafields?

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What are Metafields?


All your Shopify pages already have much data to help your customers — and search engines — find what they need. Shopify 2.0 adds Metafields, which act as custom fields, able to display any data you want. They can consist of any information, from user info to reviews or anything else. 

They are easy to use — no coding or external plugins needed. Just add them in the theme editor. You can select granular permissions to make things easier. They are incredibly versatile, and, thanks to liquid code, they can change depending on various factors. 

We like Metafields because they are native to the platform. The fewer plugins you have, the better, and thanks to the new addition, you can customize your pages even more. And while there ARE apps that support Metafields, there’s no reason to use them now — and a lot of reasons to ditch them. 

Users love this feature, too, as they allow more freedom to choose the exact product they need, including color, size, or model. They are also great for SEO!

Overall, Metafields is what made us excited about Shopify 2.0. Thanks to them, every store became a little more unique and flexible. 

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