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What Are The Best Logo Fonts? Elevate Your Brand Identity

Every business starts with a logo. Some are deceptively simple, and some are so good they haven’t changed in decades. What’s the secret? And what are the best fonts logo fonts you can use?

What’s better: a ready-made font or something custom?

It might seem strange that even big companies use ready-made fonts instead of their own. It happens, and more often than you might think. Using a ready font is always an option, but there are risks, too. For example, if you’re using a well-known font, your logo might seem unoriginal and not unique. That, in turn, can harm your brand’s reputation.

Ready-made fonts also lack flexibility: it’s harder to customize them and adapt to various scenarios. There may be legal difficulties (you’ve got to have proper licensing), as well as a plethora of others. In the beginning, they might not seem important, but as your brand grows, so will your problems. Better have a 100% custom logo.

The best logo fonts

Some fonts are bigger than others — figuratively. Some are as recognizable as the logos they are used in, and some get an unreasonable level of hate. Among the most popular in recent years, we can name Didot (Vogue, Armani), Bodoni (Gucci), Proxima Nova (Spotify), Futura (Dolce and Gabbana and… Domino’s), and Helvetica.

Most of these fonts cost a lot to license but fear not: there are tons of cheap or even open-source fonts that look almost exactly the same. Try to find the one you like on Fontdesk, Behance, or Google Fonts.

How to create your own font

Creating a new font is not easy, but with perseverance and some preparation, it shouldn’t take too much time.

First, choose your style. Look at the logos you like for inspiration: it’s okay to borrow ideas and the overall look as long as you still have something of your own. Decide between serif, sans-serif, and other types of fonts.

Second, find the software you like. There are various programs to make the process easier: FontForge, FontCreator, BirdFont, FontLab, and Glyphs are all quite good.

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