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What Are the Best Tools to Design Web Pages?

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Building a new website is like building a new home. It’s a complex process with lots of interconnected steps that require time, skill, and knowledge. While all of these steps are incredibly important for a successful website, web design is the key to the rest. After all, a good web design provides numerous benefits to both website owner and user, increasing the overall profit of the company and attracting new loyal visitors. For this reason, at Beluga Lab, we pay particular attention to this crucial step of website development and use only the best tools to design web pages for our clients. So, what are they?

The best tools to design web pages

For a web designer, a set of tools and applications is what brings an idea to life. This set may include many things that help create, edit, update, and design web pages, but there are several tools that are of particular importance. Below is the list of the best web design tools used by professionals around the world.

1. Firefox Developer Edition 

Firefox Developer Edition is a modified version of Firefox that provides easy access to a whole range of different developer tools and useful features. These include style editor, HTML inspector, designing and building with CSS Grid, debugging and analyzing, and many more.

2. Adobe Photoshop

Released for web designers and photographers, Adobe Photoshop is the most popular application for creating website graphics and manipulating images. It allows creating web designs of any level from scratch, keeping all the things professional, fresh, and consistent.

3. Panic Coda

Panic Coda is a web development application for Mac OS X that is just perfect for front-end design. It features a simple tabbed interface for sharing the files, a powerful and fast text editor, a pixel-perfect preview, and many other useful tools.

4. PhpStorm

PhpStorm is a popular cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) for PHP. Its many cutting-edge features include HTML & CSS editor, profiling, code navigation, JavaScript editor, and a smart PHP code editor, among others.

5. Adobe Fireworks

Last but not least on our list is Adobe Fireworks, an amazing tool that provides versatile features to design web pages and create interactive prototypes, vector art, mockups, and more. It has many powerful functions and can be easily integrated with other Adobe products.

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