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What Content Do Best Web Design Companies Produce in 2022?

best web design companies

Producing a great-looking website with appealing features is only halfway to success. All forward-looking firms think about long-lasting customer engagement and take measures in different domains to achieve that effect. So, what do the best web design companies do about content? What content do they produce to keep their users excited? Here Beluga Lab experts cover the latest trends in content marketing. They will give you the upper hand in the 2022 market.

#1 Videos and Live Streams

Research suggests that one-third of content currently consumed by online users is video and live streaming. This trend was captured by many social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. It gives followers an opportunity to partake in their idols’ activities in real-time.

Indeed, there has been too much live streaming over the past year, which can suggest a steady reduction in its popularity. Yet, recorded videos still take the lead. You can engage users on a steady basis with a combination of live and recorded video content.

#2 Micro-Influencer Content

No need to purchase commercials from influencers with millions of followers. You can achieve much better outreach by targeting micro-influencers – people with smaller followership in a smaller geographical area. This influencer group usually has more real, active users who trust their opinion and can be effectively engaged in your project.

#3 Interactivity

Polls and surveys may seem too trivial, but they really work. Just don’t overdo this content type. Throw one or two polls into the social content every day to keep your hand on the pulse of user activity. This real-time activity data may serve as a strong indicator of whether you’re heading in the right direction and what types of content your users love the most.

#4 Educational Content

There’s nothing better than good-old educational content with tons of value for the target audience. People love to learn something new and useful, and your ability to produce high-quality content on-demand can become a highly marketable skill. Try some branded webinars and online courses; if you target the right audience, you’re sure to attract tons of followers.

Best Web Design Companies Know It Better

Even if you don’t believe in the power of content marketing or don’t like any type of content we’ve just discussed, it doesn’t mean it won’t work. Best web design companies invest huge money in research and study the market in and out to determine the most effective SEO trends. So, you can use these practices to boost your SEO effect and rank higher in search engines with minimal effort.

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