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What Do Responsive Website Services Include?

Most businesses planning a digital transition strive to make their online products responsive. This means that apps and websites they launch should be adaptive to user behavior and the type of device on which they are viewed. Such flexibility is the basis of usability, so responsive web design is gaining momentum. But what should you as a client focus on? How to choose the right mix of responsive website services? Here is an informative guide from Beluga Lab experts.

When Do You Need Responsive Website Services?

Responsive web design (RWD) is not only about the website’s appearance. Back in 2015, Google updated its search engine algorithms, starting to rank responsive websites higher than non-responsive ones. So, if you want a better outreach and SEO standing, RWD is a must.

Second, a good reason to opt for responsive web design services is UX improvement. The percentage of mobile Internet users is growing fast, and these people strive for usability and speed. Just fancy how disappointed they will be if they need to search for some link or menu section on a non-adapted website! It’s a horrible experience that typically ends with deteriorating conversion.

So, don’t give your leads away to competitors and make sure your website is fairly ranked on search engines. The investment in RWD is not that high compared to conventional websites, but the gain from such a solution is enormous.

What Makes a Website Truly Responsive?

In a nutshell, your use of responsive website services results in a dynamically adjusting web resource rendering on all devices and screen sizes without quality and readability compromises. Here are some tricks that designers use in RWD:

  • Dynamic scaling of fonts, images, and HTML elements
  • Layout changes depending on the used device (flexible grid)
  • Use of flexible images
  • Application of media queries
  • Minimal inclusion of visual elements on small screens to enhance the UX

So, when checking the outcome of responsive website services you’ve ordered from a web agency, make sure you review the product for all those elements.

Let Your Designer Know What You Need

As you can see, RWD rules the web design world today. But your web designer may never know what you want if you don’t say it. So, make sure to explain your expectations about the responsive website services you’re ordering in as much detail as possible. In this way, your designer will understand your needs and goals, incorporating all RWD aspects into your new resource.

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