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What Does Great Web Design Entail? Pro Tips and Criteria

great web design

Everyone wants to receive a great web design outcome when turning to a web design agency. But what does it mean for you personally? And what criteria of great web design exist on the market today? Let’s find this out following the guidance and quality criteria set by Beluga Lab experts.

Great Web Design: Top 5 Features

A web design is not only about visual appeal. It should also be usable and reader-friendly. So, here are the key five aspects a web designer should take into account when developing your online resource.

#1 SEO- and Reader-Friendly Content

When we talk about great web design, we think of content as one of the primary criteria distinguishing outstanding and mediocre online resources. The website’s content is the first thing a visitor sees and can evaluate. Thus, it’s your key priority to add engaging content to landing pages, exciting videos, and informative blog articles to make the website interesting for users. Needless to say, that content should also be SEO-optimized to increase your online outreach and ranking on search engines.

#2 Visual Appeal

While reading is essential, the visitor should also be attracted to the website’s visual looks to stay on it longer. Here, you need to consider the proper choice of fonts and images, the color combination, and the overall visual layout of your resource. It should look trendy and sleek, without a compilation of unclear elements or images with screamy colors. The color palette and overall visual style should also follow your brand image to create consistent brand awareness and recognizability.

#3 Intuitive Interface

Great web design can’t do without a classy UI today. So, your web designer’s primary aim should be the development of a user-friendly, intuitive interface. The website needs to be highly usable so that the visitors don’t need to wander and search for its vital functions and menu sections.

#4 Interactive Features

Interactivity is king in the modern web design, so adding some interactive features to your website is a must. If you do this, the website will engage and retain the audience more successfully, holding their attention and urging them to perform the required actions.

#5 Good Online Visibility

If your website remains an isolated land of content in the sea of the Internet, it will be of no use to your business. After the resource’s creation, you need to invest time and effort into increasing its visibility, which is attainable with SEO and social media marketing.

Appealing Design Is Simple

Let your target audience know about your new website and give them a positive user experience on-site. That’s the simple yet effective formula for great web design creation.

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