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What Does It Take to Make a Website? A Client’s Tutorial

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Many people coming to a web agency don’t understand exactly what they need. A typical inquiry a web designer gets is, “I need to make a website.” But what does it take exactly to make a website that is pleasing to the eye, user-friendly, and seamlessly cross-functional? In this article, the experts of Beluga Lab uncover the intricacies of making a workable website.

Planning to Make a Website

To make a website that will earn you money and fame, you need to determine its goals and specifications first. Think over the functions that the website will serve. Will it be your personal blog? Do you want to launch a service-oriented business? Will it be an e-commerce website offering physical products? Each of these website types requires a distinct approach. So, it’s better to think everything over before giving a web agency such an assignment.

Choosing the Platform

Depending on your website’s functions and goals, your web designer will suggest some programming platform alternatives. One of the user-friendliest and most convenient platforms is WordPress, equally suitable for e-commerce products, service websites, and blogs. Still, you might also opt for Wix, Drupal, Joomla, and the like.

Web Hosting

Your website has to be hosted on some platform, which will assign a unique name (domain) to it. Besides, the web hosting platform is essential storage for your website data and files, guaranteeing the website’s security and email address services. We recommend choosing a web hosting provider depending on the size of your website. If it’s a small blog or service-oriented resource, free hosting will suffice. If you have a large e-store or are concerned about security, then go for paid hosting.

Web Design

Designing your website’s layout is a cornerstone of its functionality and usability. Partner with your web designer to develop an appealing, sleep design incorporating all needed features and service aspects.

Content Generation and Optimization

Users need to find out what your website is about, which is achieved with lively, clear, and engaging content. To make the website usable, you need to write content for the landing pages, publish valuable posts in the blog, and add more engaging, SEO-optimized content from time to time.

The Process Never Ends

As you can see, a request to make a website typically turns into a lengthy, ongoing process that doesn’t end with web design and launch. Web agencies are also tasked with analyzing your site’s performance and user behavior via Google Analytics, introducing updates to support its flawless functioning throughout its lifespan, and aligning its content and appearance with your digital marketing plan.

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