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What is a landing page?

What is a landing page?

Go on Upwork, and you’ll find hundreds of tasks mentioning landing pages. And yet, not many know what they are exactly. Today we’re going to discuss what is a landing page and what makes them so in demand.

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What is a landing page?

A website is an amalgamation of various web pages connected by hyperlinks. All of these pages have different functions, but they don’t work independently of each other. A landing page is entirely standalone, however. Its sole purpose is to fish out contact information, usually “exchanging” it for something valuable, like a promotional code, a free eBook, etc. Most landing pages make sense when connected to an advertising campaign.

How is it different from a website?

A website is permanent. It’s informative and all-encompassing, but a landing page serves a short-term purpose. It’s the best way to convert users into future customers or make them do a specific action. If you have an event or a promotion, a landing page works much better than a blog post on your website. No content strategy is complete without a landing page, which works best when you want to sell something specific. 

A homepage has more hyperlinks, a broader message and CTA, and much more choice, which is not always great. 

The landing page’s lack of distractions works in your favor: by making your visitors make a simple choice, you’re basically manipulating them into agreeing to whatever it is you’re selling. A site can be overwhelming, and the more choice there is, the more chances your user will bail. Choice is good, but sometimes it can scare potential customers away.

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