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What Is An eCommerce Platform — Tips from NYC’s Leading eCommerce Web Design Company

What is an eCommerce platform

There’s no denying that third-party marketplaces are convenient and easy to understand, but their pros don’t outweigh the cons. Additional fees and expenses, a lack of individuality and a way of differentiating your business from hundreds of others, as well as a nightmare that is keeping track of your inventory, can leave one tired and weary. And worst of all, by trusting so much to the others, you lose control and risk losing money. So what is an eCommerce platform?

Having your own platform means having something truly unique. By 2022, clients expect any big business to have a virtual storefront of their own. Here’s why.

A website is your brand, and good eCommerce web design will bring you more clients

One of the main things for any business is identity. Without it, there’s no way of building consumer loyalty. People remember names, logos, and slogans, but there’s little to no way of standing out on places like Amazon or eBay. Yes, setting your storefront there is relatively easy since most of the work is being done by the platform, but in the long run, you will lose out.

At the end of the day, when people shop on Amazon, they buy from Amazon — not from you. By setting up your website, you become bigger and more serious in the eyes of the buyer. That’s how you become a brand. And next, you can start connecting with your audience via email newsletters, blogs, and special offers. Repeat customers are vital, and your site gives you many more marketing opportunities.

What is an eCommerce platform? It’s YOUR platform — and your rules

Ever since social media became omnipresent, business people have started wondering what’s the point of a website anyway. You have to maintain it, design and modernize it, etc. What’s this hassle for? Well, time has shown us that while social networks are handy, they can’t carry all your business on their own. The same goes for Amazon, eBay, etc.

There are tons of horror stories about Amazon suspending completely legit accounts just because. One bad review from a clueless buyer can also cost you dearly. But there’s no such risk when you are in charge. While working at the eCommerce web design company, I got used to hearing stories about failed businesses that relied too much on third-party solutions.

E-commerce web design tips from our developers 

Ditch the fees

There is no such thing as a free lunch, and third-party e-commerce platforms will always charge you a certain percentage. Sure, building everything yourself is expensive, but it can massively reduce costs in the long run. After a while, a good site pays for itself. No fees — it does sound good, doesn’t it?

Utilize the power of search engines

Good marketing is a cornerstone of prospering business, but your marketing opportunities will always be limited in a third-party marketplace. But your own site will allow you to use completely new techniques to attract new clients: SEM (search engine marketing) and SEO are very powerful tools. If you optimize your listings well, you’ll get an influx of new customers. What is an eCommerce platform? It’s a way to get noticed as well.

Good eCommerce website design will bring you loyal customers

Having good sales numbers is always great, but it’s not enough. Your website can replace Amazon in many ways, but it’s not all about sales. Your website will help build loyalty and consumer awareness. It will become the best way to advertise, and this alone will allow you to get to the whole new level.

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