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What Is Google Bard, And How It Compares With Bing AI

What Is Google Bard, And How It Compares With Bing AI

Not a week can pass without us mentioning AI. Makes sense: the new tools at our disposal are so powerful and innovative that we can’t help but feel like we’ve just entered a new era. We can’t underestimate how much will change in the coming months when Bing AI becomes accessible to all and Google releases its own alternative. But what is Google Bard, and is it different from ChatGPT?

What is Google Bard

In simple terms, Google Bard is a direct alternative to ChatGPT. The latter has already revolutionized the way we think of chatbots and AI, and now it has been integrated into Bing, making it de facto the most powerful and versatile search engine out there. For the first time ever, Bing has the lead. But Google is not far behind.

Bard is what you call a generative AI, meaning it can create text, video, music, and anything. But Bard is all about text, hence the poetic name.

How good is Google Bard?

Honestly, we don’t know. The AI is open to a select few, and the timing of its reveal is suspicious: just as ChatGPT becomes a major force with Bing, Google feels forced to do something. But how ready is it? Well, Google is not exactly new to this: in fact, without it making Transformer (deep learning model) free in 2017, ChatGPT could have never happened. And while the last week was the first we heard about Bard, it had actually been in development for years by that point.

How can I access Google Bard?

As we said, right now, there is no way, but that’s bound to change in the near future. And then Bard will become a permanent feature of Search, supplementing Graph Cards.

We know for a fact that it will change the web as we know it. It will change SEO and the way we monetize content. The users will be able to get a complete answer to any question without ever leaving Google’s page. It can ruin a fair number of websites.

Speaking of monetization: Bing is already thinking about selling ads that will appear in the AI’s answer. Google is bound to do the same.

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