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What Is Google Tag Manager And How To Use It

What Is Google Tag Manager And How To Use It

A new month, a new mention of yet another Google product you have never heard about. So, what is Google Tag Manager, and how to use it?

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What is Google Tag Manager?

If you’ve done marketing digitally, you must know how important it is to track conversions, traffic, and user habits. Developers have always been able to “spy” on their users, but it was never easy. Now though, the process is effortless.

What Google Tag Manager does is it makes your life a little bit easier. Previously, you had to hard-code the tracking codes to use Google Analytics on your site. With the advent of Google Tag Manager, you only need tags you can store on your account. So, basically, GTM is where you keep track of every important Google tool, from Ads to Analytics and everything in between. 

That way, you can change your marketing strategy on the go and avoid any errors. 

Previously to use tracking codes, you had to do everything yourself or hire a developer. It was a hassle. Now though, you can use tags to speed up the process. If you use the new sitewide tags, you can see how your users interact with a website and what ads work and what don’t. It’s a boon for advertisers, and in August, the situation improved with the introduction of reusable tags.

Even more, Google tags can soon be found in Google Ads and Google Analytics. No code changes are needed as long as you use widespread CMS and builders like WordPress. 

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