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What Is Google Trends, And How Can I Use It To Improve SEO?

What Is Google Trends, And How Can I Use It To Improve SEO?

Once again, we are turning to Google tools for help with SEO. Today we are discussing Google Trends, a helpful little (free) feature that is very helpful for finding keywords.

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What is Google Trends, and how can I use it to improve SEO?

Google Trends exists to show what topics are being discussed at this very moment. Just visit the tool’s page and start looking through different queries. It’s great when you want to learn what exactly your visitors might be interested in right now. 

Even more, you can enter a term and find how just well it performs. It’s handy! And, to reiterate, free.

If you are a marketer (and every website owner is one to some degree), it can be very handy. You can find out which items are the most popular this season, which, in turn, will help you with planning your next campaign. You can also find negative keywords that way.

Visualization of traffic is also a massive help when comparing keywords. 

Copywriters and bloggers can use Google Trends to drive more traffic to their sites. Once again, knowing what’s “in” is essential. And don’t forget that you can always use a trendy subject in your campaigns. When there’s a big TV show out, everyone seems to be talking about it. Reference it in your marketing materials, and it’ll get additional attention. It’s a small thing, but it helps you seem relevant and adds a little excitement to a possibly boring topic.

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