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What is Looker Studio — Google’s New Tool for Marketers

What is Looker Studio — Google’s new Tool for Marketers

Data is important. Analytics is important. But making it easy to digest for your clients can be impossibly complex and time-consuming. That is where Looker Studio comes to the rescue: Google’s new tool can make your job a lot easier. But what is Looker Studio exactly?

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What is Looker Studio?

If you’ve worked with clients before, you know that they will request analytics reports. But providing them is one thing, and making them legible is another. Most of the data is hard to understand or present. This changes now — well, at least according to Google.

Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) is a platform for data visualization, first and foremost. It helps you create gorgeous and easy-to-understand reports. It’s a true powerhouse: fully customizable, completely free, and brandable. Even more, it supports not only Google’s own data but also data from third-party sources like Facebook or LinkedIn. And since it is a Google platform, sharing reports is easy (it works the same as Google Documents).

Not everyone can really understand the need for — and overall brilliance — of Looker Studio. There are a lot of spreadsheet wizards who can do it all, but the upgraded toolset is not for them. It’s for everyone else who hates spreadsheets (yours truly included). Most of the time, clients aren’t huge on Excel documents, but they love gorgeous graphics. And now, you can easily showcase the results of your work without boring them to death, which is especially important for marketing.

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