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What is Organic Search?

What is Organic Search?

Making a good website is half the battle. A stylish, sleek, and speedy site is excellent, but it only matters if people can find it. That’s where the problem lies: no matter what industry you’re in, you already have thousands of rivals, and the first page of Google search results is only so long. So, what is organic search, and how can your website climb to the top?

What is organic search?

We are talking about all search engines, and there are, surprisingly, quite a few of them, but mostly it’s Google that we’re concerned with. Enter a query into the search bar, and what do you see? Lots of results, of course, but not all of them are organic. But which is which?

Look at the first results. Chances are, they have a small “Ad” icon near their URL. Those are Paid results. Everything below, without the “Ad” icon, are organic search results, meaning nobody paid Google to display them. But how did they get so high?

The easy answer is SEO. Being able to manipulate Google’s search results is highly important. When you manage to do everything right, users get to see your website appearing near the very top. Both organic and paid search are a part of SEM — or search engine marketing. 

What is better?

For us, the answer is easy: the targeted organic search results are always the best. But they are not easy. Like the Dark Side in Star Wars, paid search is instant and easy. Pay the money and watch as your website immediately appears on the top. It’s nice and all, but how sustainable is it? A website is supposed to bring you money, not the other way around.

You’ll have to rely on organic search if you don’t have that kind of money. There’s no reason why an excellent SEO-optimized website can’t appear at the very top, but it’s tough to achieve and takes considerable time. There are no guarantees in SEO: sometimes, even excellent work leads to disappointment. To win this battle royale, you must increase visibility and use every trick in the book. 

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching. A combo of organic and paid search can yield tremendous results, but after a while, you can only rely on targeted results to constantly bring new customers.

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