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What Is the Best Web Design Software in 2022?

best web design software

Once you set up a web design firm, the time comes to choose the right tools for performing your primary duties. If you want to win a good reputation in the market and succeed, it’s vital to pick only the best web design software. But which apps and suites can currently be considered the best web design software? And what issues will you anticipate and avoid if you rely on the top programs? Here the experts of Beluga Lab explain what kinds of tools they apply in daily activities.

The Best Web Design Software to Consider

Which options head the market in terms of usability and richness of features? Here are our top 4 picks for your review.

#1 Wix

If you need a cost-effective (even free) solution for designing websites for your business and your clients, it’s time to consider Wix. This website maker tool was launched in 2006 by a team of enthusiasts with a strong tech background. Now you can use a limited set of features free of charge, while Wix Pro will cost you a tiny sum of $23 per month. The cost of Wix use is meager, given the number of perks it provides for this price. Even free plan users get 500GB of space, while the cheapest plan gives you several GBs of space, a free domain, impressive bandwidth, and hundreds of easily customizable templates to choose from.

#2 Bootstrap

If your agency specializes in responsive design, you should choose Bootstrap as your best web design software. This tool is responsive-first, mobile-first, meant for hassle-free front-end web development. Its primary value is in the consistency of web design, with numerous HTML and CSS templates ready for designers’ use.

#3 Weebly

Weebly also has a long history of existence, giving a rich set of user- and developer-friendly templates for ecommerce websites for over 15 years to date. If you have scarce coding experience and need something to start with, Weebly is your best web design software for sure. It enables quick and simple web design with many customizable templates. Checking whether Weebly is right for you is easy with a free trial version.

#4 Adobe XD

Adobe XD is reasonably considered the best web design software among professionals across the globe. It’s precious in the design of website UI and can collaborate seamlessly with other Adobe products. You’ll find it super easy to build prototypes and designs with Adobe XD. Many features are even available free of charge. Thus, you will have a handy tool for many web design operations. However, be ready for some challenging onboarding as many web designers criticize Adobe XD.

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