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What Is the Connection between Web Design and Branding?

web design and branding

“Brand” and “branding” are quite popular words these days. Web design has something to do with these concepts as well. More than this, web design and branding have always been in a close bond, bringing new solutions and ideas to the spheres of web development and online marketing. What does it mean? In this blog post, let’s connect the dots to find the real meaning of that connection.

The concepts

The word “brand” has many definitions and can be interpreted by people differently. To understand its true meaning, let’s focus on this one: the brand is how people see you as a company providing certain services or selling goods.

Basically, it is everything that rings a bell with people when they hear the company’s name. For instance, logo and fonts may be a visual representation of the business, whereas slogans and taglines may relate to written elements. In that regard, branding is a market practice of shaping the brand by creating visual elements and earning a reputation with clients.

To draw an analogy, web design is the process of creating a skeleton for a brand. Thus, web design services aim at building a responsive website for a company so that the latter can attract customers and make a name for itself. Such services are provided by a professional web design and branding company. Now, let’s take a closer look at the connection between these concepts.

The connection between web design and branding

The reputation of a brand directly depends on clients’ satisfaction, which, in its turn, is possible only with a well-designed website. What does it imply? A welcoming homepage, intuitive navigation, and transparent feedback are just some of the essential components of a business site, which play a key role when it comes to user experience. If everything is done right, you will get both contented customers and higher brand awareness.

Besides that, there is an aesthetic side of the coin. A web designer is responsible for the original appearance and distinctive content of a website. Well-picked colors side by side with creative web design give a special accent to the brand and massively add to the branding campaign itself.

A close connection between web design and branding makes it inevitable for brands to seek help on the web designers’ side. Beluga Lab offers the most comprehensive website design and branding services in NYC and is always ready to provide professional assistance to those who need it. Contact us today for details!

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