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What Is the Future of Web Design and Development?

web design and development

Only a few years ago, no one could even imagine that the world of web design and development would become as it is now. Today, it is one of the leading sectors of the digital economy and business overall. It would be safe to assume that the current industry is far from its downhill and still has a lump of potential and possibility behind it.

With the technologies evolving and making advancements every day, it’s pretty hard to picture the future of web design and development. However, some predictions can still be made, based on today’s underlying trends. Let’s try to imagine what the coming days hold for the industry.

Where does the future of web design and development lie?

Even top web experts cannot answer this question, but there are some crucial spots where we should start the search. You must have heard about the fuss around AI (Artificial Intelligence). Here is the thing: AI is vital for websites and thus for web design and development. If you have paid attention, it’s already here and being implemented on a regular basis.

Artificial intelligence allows responsive web designers and developers to make websites even more responsive, functional, and meaningful. By collecting necessary information about website visitors, it (AI) might create a one-of-a-kind experience for each user, which sounds just overwhelmingly. The situation with AI implementation is getting more and more promising, so there is every reason to expect some rapid shifts in the industry by the end of the year.

Another priority is more flexible and scalable languages. The first two that jump to mind are Python and GraphQL. Python is gradually outgrowing Java, which is still robust but, unfortunately, doesn’t provide as much as Python, especially when it comes to AI. GraphQL is a query language that, along with Python, opens new possibilities for better web optimization.

The last possible niche for web design and development is the invention of fully self-creating sites. Sounds too good to be true, but it’s still a forecast. Today, the industry brims with website builders like WordPress or Wix. Templates are everywhere, so the technology designed for automatical web designing and web developing sounds quite plausible.

Are you ready for such a future? At Beluga Lab, we believe that quality custom web design & development will be relevant at all times. If you want to have a state-of-the-art website, consider only the best website designing services in New York. Let’s face the future together!

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