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What Makes Website Copy Good?

What Makes Website Copy Good?

As web designers, we value good-looking websites above all else, but we’ll be the first to acknowledge that without a good copy, most pages will never find their audience. But what makes website copy good?

What makes website copy good?

The times of long-form articles are mainly in the past. There were times when search engines preferred such a format, but right now, copy quality matters much more than sheer size. 

But what makes your copy good? There are many factors. First of all, all your copy must be unique. You won’t fool your audience and certainly won’t fool Google. Next, it should be legible, with no spelling errors (use Grammarly or LanguageTool) or weirdly structured sentences. And no ads in-between: most users have no patience for excessive ads or pop-ups.

Don’t forget that modern customers’ attention span is as short as ever. Stay informative and on topic. Longwinded introductions and overly colorful descriptions have to go. Usually, you have about eleven seconds of the user’s attention, so they have to find something informative in those eleven seconds. 

Images are also an essential part of any copy. You’ve gotta have at least one illustration, preferably the one that actually looks decent. There’s nothing wrong with using stock photos, but some stock really looks stock, you know? Try to pick pictures that have something original about them.

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