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What Services to Expect from Web Design Companies?

web design companies

There are hundreds of web design companies out there, and each of them offers a unique service range. So, when you need web design services, you may often face the challenge of choosing the right terms. Are all the features your web design provider offers indeed so vital for your business success? Or do web design companies charge more than they should for redundant services?

What to Order from Web Design Companies?

To help you make the right choice, Beluga Lab experts have prepared a list of essential web design services without which your business project will hardly succeed.

#1 Domain Name and Hosting

You can’t enter the digital space without a domain name as your clients need to find you somehow. Thus, you need to find the right address for your website, reflecting your business purpose and services. Web design companies typically offer such services as domain name purchase and reservation of this name for you for a specific timeframe (a year or more). Your website should also be stored somewhere, which is hosting, and your provider can buy you that space at a domain provider.

#2 Web Design

You need a web resource, which is developed by your provider – front-end UI and back-end architecture. Without web design, you won’t have a functioning resource that users can visit and take some intended actions.

#3 Ecommerce Plugins

If your project is an e-store, you need ecommerce plugins added to the website. Otherwise, your clients won’t be able to make purchases on-site and pay for them digitally.

#4 CMS Integration

A CMS is the heart of any ecommerce resource as it helps keep track of customers’ purchases, conduct marketing campaigns, and monitor your resource’s overall performance. So, if you wish to create a well-functioning, convenient resource for your clientele, you can’t do without a CMS.

#5 Database Integration

Many customers come to a web agency to create a new website or update their old digital channels of communication and sales. In most cases, they already have a database of clients, which they need to integrate into the new platform. Thus, database integration is also a popular service that clients seek from web design companies.

#6 SEO

A well-designed and operant resource will still have no customers and new visitors if you don’t implement any measures for boosting its online visibility. This can be achieved by SEO optimization, which many web design providers also render to clients.

Seek Your Ideal Match

These services are a bare minimum for launching a web resource and increasing your online presence. Look for your ideal combination of services and ask a provider for a custom quote based on your needs and budget; you’re sure to find a perfect match.

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