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What to Check in the Development Company Portfolio?

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When you’re selecting a development company for your business project, every detail matters. The simplest approach is to check each candidate’s portfolio. This page is critically important for every company, showcasing its best works and talents. Thus, you’re sure to get the feel of what the development company will deliver to you by checking its past projects.

Still, checking tons of portfolios may take ages. Besides, you may soon feel that all cases look the same – similarly good and similarly irrelevant to your individual business needs. So, what should you check to make sure the agency suits you? Here are some tips to look at the right things and save time.

What Is an Ideal Portfolio of a Development Company?

Here is a couple of features that all top web agencies try to incorporate in their portfolios to attract and keep the clientele.


Check whether the agency’s portfolio has relevant examples fitting different clients’ needs. For instance, one client comes for a great-looking portfolio website. Another one wants an ideal, well-functioning e-commerce resource. Others might need a sleek blog or interactive platform. Thus, agencies working on a wide spectrum of web projects should show each of them, proving their relevance to the client.


It’s too tedious to scroll through hundreds of projects in a single firm’s portfolio. Even if the development company has many years of experience on the market, it shouldn’t showcase each and every project it completed. It’s reasonable to include only the latest works, picking 1-2 examples of each web design type. Such a presentation may give clients a feel of what the company can do without taking hours of their time.


Companies with a distinct approach to web design usually supplement their visual portfolios with project stories. Sometimes words really matter, telling a broader story of some project and introducing the viewers to the project’s history and background. Some details from the work process, challenges that the team encountered, and solutions they have found also make the stories livelier.


Finally, it’s always important to strive for diversity in portfolio composition. The potential client coming to a development company’s website is sure to look for various services. Thus, an agency should showcase all options and alternatives from various angles, giving clients a better idea of what they can get here.

Portfolio Is a Strategic Asset

Samples tell more than a thousand words. So, before writing you an email, the client may visit the portfolio and study it closely. Don’t let it be the last point of contact; grab the newcomers’ attention with impeccable portfolios and make them stay to get the same outstanding service.

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