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What To Do If Your Landing Page Gets You No Conversions?

What To Do If Your Landing Page Gets You No Conversions?

It happens all the time. You do everything in your power to build a perfect landing page, but the result is nowhere to be seen; you get clicks but no conversions. What are you doing wrong?

What to do if your landing page gets you no conversions?

Building a landing page seems straightforward enough. There are many beginners who do everything by the book, and what they don’t know, they “borrow” from others. Nothing wrong with that approach, but in the business of conversions, it’s not enough. There’s no such thing as a universal landing page or a universal copy.

The first thing you should care about is research. What is your market, and what are your rivals doing? You can’t just set up a campaign and expect results. You also can’t use random keywords that sound right. Everything you have should be precise and bespoke. You can’t buy keywords without doing the research. 

As a rule of thumb, nothing generic works. Only after keyword analysis can you launch targeted ads that are much more efficient. You don’t need a wide net, you need one that catches the right type of fish. 

The design also matters. It’s never worth it trying to make something yourself if you aren’t a top designer — better just to buy a quality template. When it comes to landing pages, mediocre design is not just a negative, it’s what drives people away since most associate bad design with sketchiness. That makes them see your business as a scam. 

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