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What To Expect from New Website Design in 2022?

new website design

The new year is in full swing, and businesses that want to stay competitive in the dynamic digital environment start thinking about web design updates. So, what should you expect from a new website design? How can your new website design choices affect customer retention, interest, and churn rates?

What Rules New Website Design in 2022?

 Here is a quick guide from Beluga Lab experts on the key trends to follow in 2022.

#1 Less Imagery

Moderation and minimalism rule 2022, and this rule relates to imagery use as well. You don’t need to squeeze tons of good-looking images into your home page to attract users; one or two impactful, eloquent items will be enough to share your key business idea. Users are sick and tired of overwhelming web designs, so your new website design should consider this.

#2 Clear Typography

Oversized typography is the new hype in new website design. No need to write numerous USPs and CTAs on your website pages. Choose phrases that speak to the users’ hearts and communicate your message with only a few words. Such websites are much more memorable and stylish, attracting a loyal user base without extra effort.

#3 Respect for Diversity

Modern design should go in hand with broader social trends, and modern society is highly diverse. If you show tolerance and respect for diversity, your users will appreciate this for sure. So, include the zoom function for people with poor eyesight, use multiple languages, and incorporate gender- and race-neutral language in the textual blocks. You’ll see the difference.

#4 Interactivity

2022 is the new age of interactivity. Today, it’s not enough to use interactive UI elements and images to surprise your users. Interactive fonts are now in vogue, and you can experiment with them as you wish to achieve the desired effect of your new website design. Oversized fonts that respond to user actions are people’s favorites today.

#5 Unlimited Responsiveness

Little time has passed since the time responsive web design was introduced in common use. Still, it’s already a standard of new website design, meaning that your users will be surprised and pushed away by noticing a lack of responsiveness. The rules of the game are changing; now you need to adopt minimalist design solutions to avoid motion sickness and get your message across. Less is more in responsive design, and this golden rule sets the stage for 2022 design.

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