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What Type of Art Is Web Design?

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Web design can be meticulously crafted and visually appealing. We are not talking about the websites that look alike and serve only to sell things. Many websites out there on the Internet show outstanding creativity and imagination. They express designers’ vision and beliefs and can have a powerful emotional response. Therefore, web design can be considered a unique art form. But what type of art is web design? Let’s try to answer this question.

What Type of Art Is Web Design?

Web design is a unique form of digital art. On the one hand, it is similar to traditional art in many ways. It allows designers to express themselves through visual content. Web design requires a great deal of skill and talent. Finally, it can have subjective aesthetic value for the audience.

On the other hand, web design is not a typical art form. Unlike traditional art forms, it can be objectively evaluated based on the website’s functionality. Web pages are not created for people to admire them passively. The main goal of web design is to allow people to perform different actions online, such as

  • Searching
  • Scrolling
  • Reading
  • Tapping
  • Clicking

The best design makes these actions simple, almost unconscious. It allows users to immerse themselves into the digital world and follow the developers’ lead. So, if you’d ask me what type of art is web design, I’d say that it is the art of making people interact with digital content meaningfully. Creativity and artistic vision are the main skills you need to look for in website designers if you need a stunning website that engages the audience.

Balancing Art with Functionality

When you ask the question, “what type of art is web design?” you risk missing one crucial detail. Don’t forget that treating a website like art is a dangerous mistake. You risk prioritizing visual components over functional ones. As a result, you may face problems with usability, structure, and content. When it comes to website design, art can help achieve business goals, but it never offers value in isolation.


So, what type of art is web design? Website design is a digital art that solves practical problems and contributes to the website’s success. Only the most experienced and skilled web designers can give artistic value to websites while meeting practical requirements. If you are looking for someone that will provide you with a bit more than a functional website, use Beluga Lab web design services.

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