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What’s My Website Score? Best Free Graders

What’s My Website Score? Best Free Graders

SEO optimization is essential for every website. But what is good optimization? How to know if your website is compliant with modern standards? The easy answer would be to trust a web design firm or an SEO specialist. But sometimes, we want to know the answer for ourselves. For that, various graders exist that tell you your website score. They will evaluate your pages and tell you everything you might want to know about your SEO, accessibility, or content ranking.

Your website score is easy to determine

SEO is a complicated topic. Some people get it right away, and some won’t understand who “organic visitors” are even after the tenth explanation. And no, we aren’t exaggerating. Thankfully, various graders will help you evaluate your site. Here are some of our favorites.

Google PageSpeed Insights

If Google offers some free service, it’s usually good, and at the beginning of any similar list. Today is not different: Google’s offering is more than enough for most people. Why trust the unknowns when Google — the company that sets the SEO standards — already offers valuable insights? Google PageSpeed Insights grades mobile and desktop sites, telling you about the state of images, CSS, JavaScript, and more. It’s easy to understand and use.

Hemingway Editor

As a content creator, I always look for various tools to make my job easier. Hemingway Editor is a well-known service that helps you optimize your written content. It’s invaluable if you want to know about the readability of your texts. Think you’re good? Think again: Hemingway Editor is a harsh critic, but it’s all for our good.

Accessibility Test

I think we stated this a few times, but accessibility is one of the best trends of recent years. Accessible design is not only about good looks but also about being inclusive. Modern search engines rank higher the sites that are accessible, and the Accessibility Test lets you test whole sites or single pages. It will tell you whether your resource is missing alt text, descriptive link texts, and headers. You can read more about accessibility here.


User Experience (UX) is something you can’t ignore. Accessibility is a part of it, but it also relates to how well-designed your site is and how user-friendly it is. Some designers tend to overcomplicate things for ordinary users, and Nibbler will help you find any possible issues. Coding errors, printability, meta tags… it knows it all.

W3C Validator

We’re getting technical here, for W3C Validator is still a tool worth knowing. It will help you find errors related to the code itself. W3C Validator analyzes HTML code and finds wrong attributes, missing headings, and unnecessary roles.

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