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What’s New in Web Development in 2022?

new in web development

The new year started over a month ago, and web designers try to keep pace with the changes and trends it has brought. After the onset of COVID-19, the pace of digital transition accelerated enormously. So, modern businesses need to keep those changes in mind to stay on the same page with the broader web design market innovation. Here, the experts of Beluga Lab cover major trends in web design, showing what’s new in web development and what trends you just can’t ignore.

So, What’s Indeed New in Web Development in 2022?

There are too many materials on what’s new in web development that the very concept of novelty in this area has become a little obsolete. Digital trends change quickly, with new technologies and techniques emerging every day. But some changes are really groundbreaking, and they can’t be ignored. Here is a breakdown of things to keep in mind in 2022 if you’re a web designer or plan to create a web resource for your business.


Single-page applications (SPAs) are gaining traction as they give all information to users within one page. People avoid the long page load time and quickly get all the needed information from one landing page, which serves as your business card.


Progressive web applications (PWAs) are another buzzword in the world of web design. They offer a host of benefits to users and owners alike, as they load quickly and work even offline. Besides, their primary benefit is the delivery of an app-like experience for those using a browser. So, if you’re planning to create an app, it’s better to opt for a PWA instead of a native mobile app for the sake of time- and cost-efficiency.

Motion UI Design

Motion graphics are advancing at a quick pace, and web designers have a rich toolkit to create appealing, intuitive UIs for demanding users. Using motion UI, you can improve your web resource’s UX and make the use of your website or app more frictionless and enjoyable.

API-first Development

Connectivity is on the rise, and developers of new digital products are interested in connecting their resources to the existing technology first of all. Thus, many developers focus on the API-enabled interconnectivity first, thus reducing the time-to-market and development expenditures.

Serverless Architecture

Cloud technology is commonplace today, so developers use it to deploy and maintain their apps for the sake of staying more flexible. Server maintenance and management are costly, so headless websites become more popular, allowing business owners to avoid those costs with the help of serverless IT architecture.

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