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What’s New in Web Development: Mid-Year Trends of 2020

new in web development

Like any fast-growing modern industry, web development undergoes changes at a fast clip. It’s already half of the year, and there is much to be said about emerging mid-year trends of 2020. We have grabbed some of the freshest and most practical trends to tell you what’s new in web development so that you can put this info to good use when it comes to website building.

What’s new in web development: mid-year trends of 2020

One page websites

The first trend has a decent potential to be a breakthrough within a short time. Even though it is still new in web development, global platforms like Google and Facebook are already using it. The technology is called a single page application (SPA), which allows web developers to build a single-page website, using different parts of a webpage instead of dividing a website into several sections (webpages). 

Motion UI design

Motion UI implies adding more action and interaction with webpages. It’s when you navigate a website through animation with the help of a cursor. Thanks to SASS (stylesheet language) libraries, custom website developers can now make a website more aesthetically appealing and engaging for users. It works perfectly well with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, which is a big benefit of this trend. 

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs have already become an innovative standard in today’s web development. Year after year, this trend spreads like wildfire. PWAs come across as the beacon of responsive web design since this technology offers website functionality close to the functionality of native apps. Things like push notification and offline access to a website are only some of the immense advantages that PWAs make available.

Blockchain technology

Cryptocurrencies are not new in web development, and yet they are either ignored or not realized in full. Due to their unsavory reputation, many web users are still skeptical about crypto wallets. However, the blockchain technology is rising again, and the world of development won’t ignore it on any account.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT and web development are closely interrelated. In a nutshell, the Internet of Things is a huge technology accumulating necessary data based on the interaction between interconnected devices, the man and machine, to be specific. IoT overly enhances user experience and lightens the load of an ordinary Internet user. 

Remember, what’s new in web development today is tomorrow’s most hot topic. If you need consulting services regarding innovations and developments, consider Beluga Lab. We know how to make web design & development a breeze!

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