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What’s The Best Alternative To ChatGPT?

Alternative To ChatGPT

AI is upon us. Time to get ready for the apocalypse? It’s never too early to start. But we might as well use it to make our lives more comfortable. ChatGPT is the most popular AI tool right now, but many others offer even more features. So what is the best alternative to ChatGPT?

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What’s the best alternative to ChatGPT?

As we all know, ChatGPT is the real deal. It’s very advanced and useful, but it’s not perfect. While good for some tasks, it’s unfit for others. The free plan is also subpar, and the pricing structure is too rigid. So, what else is there?

Unlike most of the other alternatives, Jasper was around even before ChatGPT. It’s an AI platform that is extremely helpful to copywriters and content editors. It’s especially useful for sales and marketing.

Google Bard

The main competitor of ChatGPT and its cousin, Bing. Bard is powered by Google’s LAMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) and has proven to be more than capable. Its main issue is limited accessibility — it’s unavailable in most places but works fine in the US. In most ways, it’s just like ChatGPT — fast and good with words but also quite flawed regarding verified information. As alternatives go, this one needs some work.

Bing Chat

Bing is not useless now! Well, that’s what they keep telling me. Bing Chat is hardly the substitute you’ve been looking for: while it’s totally free, it’s also laggy, limited, and scaled back compared to ChatGPT.


CoPilot is GitHub’s new feature to help you auto-complete any code. In a way, it’s similar to VS Code or JetBrains, as it simplifies your work without doing it for you. It generates syntax in 12 languages and uses GitHub’s own repositories for learning.

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