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Where Can a Responsive Website Firm Get Inspiration in 2022?

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Modern users are increasingly dynamic and mobile, performing numerous operations on their smartphones. Thus, businesses wishing to stay in the online space for long need to take measures to make their resources more responsive. It relates both to websites and apps, as users approach business services through various channels.

So, where can a forward-looking responsive website firm get inspiration for new, responsive designs? How to know that particular solutions are efficient? Here is a brief overview of the top 4 responsive design choices made by digital giants.

#1 Sony

Sony took its official website’s design to a new level by adding responsiveness to it. At present, users can access the website from a range of devices and enjoy a seamless experience on different screen sizes. The resource is optimized for desktop reading, tablets, and smartphones, and its fluid grid layout adapts without friction to the device’s change.

#2 Microsoft

Microsoft has always been at the forefront of introducing responsive web design in the digital space. One glance at the company’s website is enough to see that they take responsiveness seriously. The website’s layout reconfigures seamlessly with the changing screen width, giving the user the same wholeness of experience and offering simple, accessible readability on all devices.

#3 Starbucks

Starbucks has gone a long way in modernizing its website for a rich, positive user experience. Their responsive website built with a combination of HTML, CSS, and Javascript tools is rich in responsive elements. It has a fluid layout changing with the user’s device, and the mobile version is very neat, with a minimal set of icons and menu options on the screen.


It’s pretty hard to organize a news resource with responsiveness in mind. Such websites’ main pages are cluttered with numerous articles, which require a proper organization for reader-friendliness. is one of the few news websites that have managed to achieve a great degree of responsiveness with fluid grids. Once you open a website on a desktop device, you see numerous columns with different news categories. If your viewing device is a smartphone, you have only one column with content prioritized by its relevance or time of publication.

Your Responsive Website Firm Can Follow the Lead

As you can see, there are many alternatives in responsive web design you can follow. Each of these options suits specific business needs, so you should consider the options carefully before implementing them in design. Still, whatever path you choose, responsive web design will be a winning alternative compared to standard design choices.

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