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Where To Find Free Vector Images?

Where To Find Free Vector Images?

Every designer knows that good illustrations are crucial for web design. But making it all from scratch can be a time-consuming task. Thankfully, there are tons of places where you can find free images you can use. Today we’ll list all the places with free vector images.

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Free vector images


Vector and raster images serve completely different purposes, but you will rarely find a website that hosts one and not the other. We like vector files for how manipulable and scaleable they are. Now, where can you find them?

Noun Project is an excellent resource for finding all types of images, and basic use with artist attribution is entirely free. There are more than enough images for all kinds of websites. There’s a paid tier, too, for $39.99 a year, that offers a lot.

Unlike most others, IamVector is all about vectors and nothing else. It’s a relatively new one, starting in 2021, and it’s already a favorite among designers. It has a built-in editor, and all icons are royalty-free.


Freepik is a famous search engine for all kinds of pictures, and its library of vectors is truly staggering. Sadly, there are no PNGs or SVGs there. There’s a paid tier as well.


Vexels is all about exclusive images separated by topics. It’s easy to use, has many images, and even allows requests. Some designs are hidden behind a paywall, sadly.


This one is great for when you’re looking for a set of icons, especially since using it is so easy. But the amount of images is limited, especially compared to the other sites on our list. And, of course, there’s a paid tier here as well.


Who doesn’t know Shutterstock? One of the most well-known image search engines offers raster and vector images, but the sad thing is that it lacks the free tier. Still, it’s worth mentioning it here because its library is genuinely massive. If only it had PNGs and SVGs!

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