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Which Basic Principle Should Web Design Follow?

basic principle

There’s always a basic principle behind everything. You cannot create a good product or a digital resource if you ignore the fundamentals. So, here is a set of essential rules without which no web development project can succeed. Beluga Lab experts disclose their secrets to effective web design and winning project creation.

What Is a Basic Principle?

Once you decide to create a website, you might think of its visual design, animation, and the content you’ll place on the main page. But the reality check shows that there’s much more behind a well-functioning, appealing resource. Thus, the basic principle of web design is harmonizing the product’s back-end and front-end aspects to enable the website to fulfill its initial purpose and serve clients well.

Basic Rules of Winning Web Design

Here is a breakdown of components contributing to a working, effective, and usable digital resource.

#1 A Function-Purpose Match

The most common mistake among web designers is misalignment between the website’s purpose and the functions they include in it. For instance, how can launch a successful marketplace if you don’t add an ecommerce plugin to your website? Or can a freelance designer engage clients via a portfolio website if you don’t include a contact form? If these issues surface after the website’s launch, you can experience serious problems. So, it’s better to double-check whether your digital resource is able to fulfill its primary purpose before its final release.

#2 Quick Loading

The speed of the website’s loading is vital for the project’s success. Users are very impatient today, so they will hardly wait even for half a minute to see what’s there on the website. They are likely to leave in 5-10 seconds, labeling a slow resource as outdated and inefficient. Thus, it’s vital to invest time and effort in creating robust, quickly loading websites to attract users and avoid a stained reputation.

#3 User-friendliness

Users want simple and intuitive resources today, so they don’t favor anything requiring long and tedious onboarding. Therefore, you can beat the competition by delivering user-friendly, appealing apps and websites with intuitive UI and great UX.

#4 Mobile Friendliness

The majority of modern users access the Internet and perform operations in apps and websites on the go. So, there can be nothing better than ensuring a seamless user experience across all platforms and devices. Your end-users will thank you for that simplicity and absence of friction in mobile-friendly design, choosing your resource over others.

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