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Why Every Dev Needs An Audience

Why Every Dev Needs An Audience

What does every web dev need? Experience, sure. Work ethic, no doubt about that. What else? Okay, you surely know after reading that title. It’s an audience. But why — and how does one get it?

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Every dev’s secret weapon

Do you use social networks? As a person, you have a choice. As a professional — not really. No matter how (a)social you are, Twitter is the best place for you to find a job and showcase what you can do. Why is that? Because Twitter gives you an audience. 

Resumes? Boring, outdated. A potential employer wants to see what makes you different, and only your portfolio sets you apart. 

But it’s no less essential to have a network. You don’t want to be “just one of the devs,” you want people to know you and go to you even before they start looking for a dev.

The best way to achieve that is by being active on places like Twitter. LinkedIn is good and all, but the offers there are usually far less interesting. But by existing, being active, and prolific on Twitter, you can ensure that you always have an audience. An audience that respects your skills and knowledge. A good Twitter account will make you stand out. 

So how do you grow a network? It’s easy, really. The most important thing is always to keep going, twitting a few times a day — and always DMing. Think of it as a part of being a dev. Your brand is what makes you better — at least in the eyes of recruiters. Use Twitter to your advantage and forget about the “traditional” methods of landing a job. 

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