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Why Is My Website Not Being Indexed By Google

Why Is My Website Not Being Indexed By Google

You do the work, you code, design, and write converting copy — and all for nothing. Months pass, and your site is still not on Google. Unacceptable. What is going on? Here are some of the reasons why your website is not being indexed by Google.

Why is my website not being indexed by Google?

Google has many reasons to refuse your website. There are rules, and your website must adhere to them. So, first things first: is it mobile-friendly? Google has a mobile-first philosophy, and every modern website must work on smartphones without any issues. Use Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool to find any problems.

Next. Is your website slow? Load speeds make or break websites, and Google notices slow sites too. It usually ignores slow-loading websites — just like most users. To fix whatever is slowing your website down, use Google Page Speed Insights.

Do you use plugins? WordPress users are pretty fond of them, but some are way too problematic. Some can block Googlebot and stop it from indexing your website.

Did you remember to add a sitemap? It’s not optional: Google uses sitemaps to index all the content you have. That’s how it finds all your pages; otherwise, it’s pretty much blind.

Also, about the things some people forget. Do you have a domain name? Maybe you made a mistake while setting up WordPress.

Last but not least, make sure the content you have is actually good. Google has gotten scarily good at detecting no-effort copy and plain plagiarism. So, ensure that your content is informative, legible, and grammatically correct. Don’t steal or overload copy with keywords. 

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