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Reasons Why Small Businesses Need A Website

Reasons Why Small Businesses Need A Website

The turn of the century has brought massive changes to the way people shop. Local shops and family-owned companies faced more pressure than ever from the emerging eCommerce giants like Amazon, and their reluctance to move with the times has proven to be fatal to many. And in 2022, businesses without an online presence are, for the lack of a better word, moribund. Today we’ll tell you why small businesses need a website.

Reasons why small businesses need a website RIGHT NOW

No website means you don’t exist

Yes, we know it sounds a bit overly dramatic, yet there’s the truth to that statement. These days, you can give your physical brochure to a person, and what’s the first thing they’ll do? They’ll Google your company’s name. And if they can’t find it, they’ll throw your (no doubt carefully and lovingly designed) brochure and forget about it. Website means credibility. It means you exist. So, start existing!

Website gives you credibility

If your potential clients can’t find you online, they presume there’s something fishy going on. We know you’re not up to no good, but your to-be customers? Completely clueless! And it’s your job to change their mind. An up-to-date, classy-looking website is the best brand representative you can have. Think of it as an employer who can tell your visitors everything about your brand, 24/7.

The competition already has one

While you’re debating whether a website is worth it, your competition already has one — and they’re reaping the rewards. Not all websites are equal, of course — creating a template-based run-of-the-mill page might be enough for a personal page, but a business has to do better. It’s not free to make one, but it will pay for itself after a while.

Small business — big world

There’s nothing bad with traditional stores, but they are always limited by their location. A good spot will cost you, and your possibilities for growth will always be limited. But an online storefront opens you up to the whole country — or even the world! That’s the beauty of the internet — it erases the borders and gets you customers from the unlikeliest of places.

It’s advertising — for free

A good-looking website is excellent for sending direct links, but you need SEO optimization to make others find you organically. That way people will search for a product, and your store will pop up at the top. There’s no better advertising for a small business.

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