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Why Web Developers Love Mechanical Keyboards

Why Web Developers Love Mechanical Keyboards

What’s a keyboard? For an ordinary person, it’s whatever their laptop has, or basically anything you can type on. For a developer or programmer, it can be much more. For them, it’s a tool of the trade, and while opinions can always differ, a lot of developers prefer to use mechanical keyboards. But why?

The world of mechanical keyboards

Do you remember those keyboards that click and clack so much you can hear them in the other room? Yeah, those are mechanical keyboards. They are usually noisy, bulky, and expensive, but what seems like an issue for one is a plus for another. Since developers use their keyboards all day, every day, they carefully choose whatever works best for them. They love that mechanical keyboards provide tactile feedback and tons of customization options.

It’s all about the sound… and everything else

We asked a few of the guys who prefer mechanical keyboards, and most of them voiced the same: the feedback is out of this world. The sound is NOT irritating but soothing. It all depends on the switches — some are “quiet” (not really, not compared to membrane keyboards), some are louder, and some offer more resistance. Everything matters. Writing code can be tedious, but making the process more enjoyable by hand-picking the switches is what many people do.

Basically, they are supposedly better than any other kind in every way — even if you have to pay a lot more for them.

Come to think of it, the way people describe them, it sounds like a culture in itself. Reddit discussions, Discord servers, whole dedicated stores — it’s a niche, but it’s growing.

Another major thing about such keyboards is customization. The way those keyboards look is limited only by their owner’s imagination. There are many ways to make it stand out, from RGB lights to 3D-printed caps. Want to know everything about a developer? Take a look at their keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards allow you to interchange any keys the way you like, so if you, like me, never used caps lock, you can swap it for something else. The others will say they hate plastic keyboards and only use wood ones. Yes, for real!

Does it sound extreme? Maybe, but don’t forget that web designers are creative people with their quirks. They know there’s no actual need for those bells and whistles, but if it makes them happier, why not?

So are mechanical keyboards better?

A truly dangerous question to ask in a company of mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. There’s only one correct answer for them, but if we’re being objective, everything depends on a person. I know people who swear by full-sized laptop-style keyboards like the ones Apple or Logitech make. They are silent, sleek, and often offer great battery life. Are they better or worse? It all depends on you. You can only be sure after you’ve tried different kinds yourself.

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