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Will a Top Web Design Firm Use Open-Source Software?

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When partnering with a top web design firm, you naturally have a set of expectations about the software it will use to bring your project to life. Some clients think that only premium-level, closed-source software forms the basis for top firms’ work tools. However, it is not always so, as many open-source programs and tools perform their tasks brilliantly. Here is a quick breakdown from Beluga Lab experts about the software to look for and beware.

Top Web Design Firm’s Software Choices

To understand which software you need, let’s look at its definitions.

Open-source software is the one available to everyone for republishing, use, and modification. In other words, this software is free for all kinds of use.

Closed-source software is proprietary in nature, meaning that only authorized users can use or modify it. Plainly speaking, you need a license to use it.

Open-Source Software: Pros and Cons

The most evident benefit of using open-source software is its cost and accessibility. Even a top web design firm can choose such software if it works well, delivers upon its promise, and is free. Why spend additional money on the project if you can do it with free tools?

Another advantage is a large and vibrant developer community that advances the open-source software and helps with troubleshooting. It’s always easier to find a solution by consulting other fans of open-source software in community forums or GitHub threads.

Users also note that the pro of open-source software is the freedom and flexibility in modifications, but this issue should be approached with caution. You can rarely take a modification done by another person for their individual goals and apply it as it is. It simply won’t work as it should. So, ask your top web design firm about the opportunity to integrate similar modifications and make sure they are customizable for your web project.

Closed-Source Software

Now, coming to closed-source software, we need to talk about the higher cost and more limited flexibility as its major cons. However, many top web design firms still choose closed-source products to ensure greater safety and code uniqueness for their clients. The quality of closed-source software is also higher, as its creators invest money, effort, and R&D into its advancement.

What’s Better for You?

Closed-source and open-source software are distinct in usability, security, flexibility, and ease of access. Still, both software types can be easily fitted into your project. Thus, we recommend using a combination of free and proprietary tools to create stellar digital products.

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