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Will AI Replace Web Designers?

Will Ai Replace Web Designers?

Most of the time, new technology is exciting and brings a lot of good. But there is this one area that has seen massive growth, and yet, not that many people are actually excited about it. We already discussed how AI will change the lives of graphic designers, but what about web design? Will AI replace web designers?

Will AI replace web designers?

In 2022, we discussed AI image-generating tools a lot. Web designers seemed to be spared, but not quite. Our own area of expertise has been invaded as well, most notably ChatGPT by OpenAI. The tool can be used to generate landing and home pages easily. Some even look half decent.

That got many folks spooked. The market is already oversaturated, with lots of new web designers without a job. It’s a battlefield. Add AI to that – and what?

That does sound catastrophic, but let’s take a step back and think logically. Image AI hasn’t replaced any designers yet, and it’s miles better than ChatGPT. No robot will take away your job – not now, probably not in five years. AI might end up being a helpful tool in the hands of specialists, but it won’t replace them.

One of the reasons for that is the fact that in order to be as effective as a human, AI must understand the client’s wishes. We can hardly do that! Most of the time, clients have no idea what they want – it’s your job to present them with something that can wow them. AI needs instructions. Specifics. No clients have that. Never have. AI will most likely help you find new ideas than your clients find new designers.

Another reason you can sleep soundly is that AI is just not good. It’s impressive as a tech demo, but that’s about it. In the future, though? In 10, or 15 years, that might change. I honestly don’t know what creative jobs will survive the AI purge – seems like copywriters, web designers, and illustrators may disappear. But we don’t know for certain. The only thing that we know for a fact is that the market will change. How it will change and what waits for us is a mystery only time will solve.

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