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Wix Business Website: Not A Good Idea

Wix Business Website: Not A Good Idea

Wix is an extremely popular website builder, and the reasons for that are simple: it’s affordable and straightforward. But while Wix might be a decent platform for a personal page or a tiny landing page, it’s a big no-no for most of the other types of sites. So, here’s why Wix business website is usually a bad idea.

Wix business website


Bad idea for SEO

SEO is vital for business websites, as it gets you organic visitors. But search engines don’t like Wix, which isn’t easy to optimize even with all built-in tools. If you want people to find you, you have to build a custom website.

Templates don’t inspire confidence

Every business should be unique — otherwise, there’s no reason to choose you over anyone else. And a company’s website should look and feel special and premium. Unfortunately, there’s no way to achieve this with a web builder: Wix might be easy to use, but the sites have no personality.

No speed optimization

Loading times are critical: if your site doesn’t load instantly, your visitors will lose patience and leave. And Wix sites quite often have a weird habit of slowing down for no particular reason. And unlike a website on WordPress, there’s no real way of improving this situation.

You won’t ever own it

While paying a monthly fee, you’re renting your site from Wix. Nothing belongs to you. It’s not good for a business website, as you can surely understand. And if Wix decides to shut down, you’ll be left without a website. Complete control is paramount when it comes to business.

Even if you’re OK with Wix now, you won’t be in the future

Let’s say your company is small and doesn’t need a custom-built website. But what about the future? If you end up a success, you will want to migrate to a better platform — and that means starting anew. It’s a long process, so why do the same work twice?

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