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WordPress Gutenberg 13.8 Is Out. What’s New?

WordPress Gutenberg 13.8 Is Out. What’s New?

We at Beluga do love WordPress: we work with this CMS all the time, and our site itself is built on it. And when a new version comes out, we’re there to tell you all about it. So, let’s see what WordPress Gutenberg 13.8 brings to the table.

What is WordPress Gutenberg?

“Gutenberg” is the code name for the block-based editor appearing in WordPress 5. For many, the change to the new kind of editor was radical, and I know a lot of folks who still miss the good-old TinyMCE-based editor (there’s actually a plugin to bring it back). 

Still, Gutenberg is quite powerful, supporting multiple media types for rich texts. The recent version is WordPress Gutenberg 13.8. 

WordPress Gutenberg 13.8 is great for editing rich texts

So, the most interesting new feature for us is the support for fluid tyapography. You can scale the text and adapt it to the screen you need on the go. 

The next big thing is the return of the Quote block, which is fully cusatomizable. WordPress Gutenberg 13.8 is far more flexible than before, and now, there are many improvements to the template part UX. Part variations can be found in the block inserter.

And now to the images: we’re excited to see that the Image block now has fully-fledged border controls. Set up the parameter you need, from Color to Style and Width. You can get really creative with this!

We’ve written a lot about accessibility on our site: after all, we consider accessible web essential for the future web. WordPress has long been implementing important features, and WordPress Gutenberg 13.8 is no exception: now, there are better labels and tooltips, and the Add Template modal has more keyboard-friendly UI elements.

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