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WordPress Pagination: Make Your Content Easier To Digest

WordPress Pagination: Make Your Content Easier To Read

Content is king, but there are ways to make it more accessible. Instead of having long and unwieldy pages, you can use pagination. Here’s how to access WordPress pagination.

Why use WordPress Pagination

WordPress currently powers over 60% of websites worldwide, which means that it’s truly popular. One of the reasons for such demand is 100% free software that any coder can use without a problem. Thousands of developers create free and paid WordPress plugins to make the use of WP even more pleasant.

Let’s start with the basics. What is pagination? It’s a way to split your website into separate pages — great for when you have long texts or a lot of blog posts. Most websites use pagination in one way or another. It’s important for SEO (Googlebot will be thankful) and improves motivation and overall experience. The alternative is infinite scroll, be it’s not always the best way to go about these things.

WordPress has its own tools to add pagination. There are, of course, lots of plugins, but we prefer to use the internal tools wherever it’s possible.

WordPress supports pagination natively, usually showing about ten posts on a page. That can be changed in the settings under “Reading.”

Plugins are another great way to improve UX. We prefer plugins like WP-Paginate, Theia Post Slider, Alphabetic Pagination, and WP-PageNavi.

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