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WordPress Redirect Plugins: Elevate Your User Experience

WordPress Redirect Plugins

Many things can go wrong, and today, we are discussing a way to elevate your user experience with WordPress redirect plugins. Redirects are essential for eliminating 404 errors and improving SEO.

WordPress redirect plugins: Elevate Your User Experience

Users don’t like to wait, and when they encounter errors, they don’t hang around — they leave. And one of the most widespread errors is 404, meaning the page a user tries to access is unavailable. It’s always a bad look, but the error is easy to fix with the help of a plugin that’ll take them to another page. This helps with engagement and SEO — there’s nothing Google hates more than broken links.

Such plugins are also a great way to make minimize disruption after renaming or moving a page. Such action is always unadvisable, but sometimes you have to do it. With some tinkering, the plugin can automatically redirect your users to the correct place.

Unfortunately, WordPress does not offer built-in redirect functionality. Instead, you’ll have to use third-party plugins. Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to install and use.

What’s 301 redirect?

A 301 redirect is an error indicating that a page has been moved or deleted. When your browser encounters the error, it automatically redirects you to another page. Well, it will do so if you have the plugin installed. While the 301 redirect is permanent, a 302 redirect is temporary.

There are other types of redirects, too — 301, 302, 303, etc.

The best WordPress redirect plugins and methods

  • Redirection is enormously popular for a reason. Easy to use, 100% free, and quite powerful, it can handle 301 redirections, find errors and improve your SEO.
  • the .htaccess method — you can modify the code in your the .htaccess file. For that, access your cPanel dashboard.
  • Safe Redirect Manager — also free and easy to use. SRM can handle anything Redirection can with one crucial difference — you can set it up right on the post’s page. No need for admin dashboard.
  • Quick Page/Post Redirect — 301 and 302 redirects, “future” redirects (for pages that aren’t live yet), bulk editing, etc. — the plugin has it all. And it’s free!

Other options: 301 Redirects, Yoast SEO Premium, SEO Redirection, 404 Solution.

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