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WordPress Tips

WordPress Tips

WP is a powerful, versatile tool with almost unlimited potential. It’s hard to learn it all, but some basic WordPress tips can be useful both for newbies and veteran web developers. Here are some of them.

WordPress tips 

If there’s one thing you can never stop improving, it’s your website speed. Fast websites are essential for good SEO and user retention. There are many ways to make your site faster, but some help more than others. First of all, we recommend using lazy loading. It’s a method that allows users to load images only when they can actually see them, instead of loading everything in one go. This makes the loading process a lot faster.

Another important thing to remember is your images’ sizes. Some JPEG images take up a lot of space, thus slowing down the whole website. Make sure none of your images are heavier than 200 kb, and maybe stop using the JPEG format altogether. WEBM is lighter and much better at compression.

I know many a WordPress developer, and most speak highly of the platform, but the main issue of WP everybody mentions is its speed. You can’t just build a whole site from the ground up without some limitations of the CMS. To make things better, find a good cache plugin to speed things up. Most of the good ones are free.

Speaking of plugins, if there’s one you definitely should use, it’s Yoast. Fast-loading images are great, but there’s no website without content, and all content should be optimized for SEO. It can be a hassle, but thankfully, Yoast is there to make things easier with handy tips. We’ve been using it for years.

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