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You Might Have Seen This Facebook Disclaimer. What’s It All About?

You Might Have Seen This Facebook Disclaimer. What’s It All About?

This is random: have you noticed that some websites have weird footers with a Facebook disclaimer? What’s it all about?

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The Facebook disclaimer that makes little sense

Okay, why do certain websites add this to their footer?

“This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Additionally, this site is not endorsed by Facebook in any way. Facebook is a trademark of Facebook, Inc”

The answer is not clear, actually. But after some googling extensive research, we found a few articles mentioning this disclaimer. 

Several business owners decided to add the disclaimer to their footer, hoping it would prevent them from being blocked when using Facebook ads. There was a LinkedIn article about it.

Does it make sense? Highly doubtful.

The others use the disclaimer to confirm that their website is not imitating Meta products in any way. It makes sense; there are a lot of scam websites out there, and Facebook doesn’t want to be affiliated with them, and thus it might require a disclaimer.

Should you use it? We doubt that it has any legal force. Many people prefer to be safe than sorry, and that’s understandable, but so far, nothing points to this disclaimer having any actual reason to exist in your footer.

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