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You Should Always Let Your Users Sign In With Email. Here’s Why

You Should Always Let Your Users Sign In With Email. Here’s Why

Signing in a massive part of the internet experience. We must do it all the time, accumulating numerous passwords and login info. It’s not convenient, and some tech giants like Google or Facebook allow users to log into different sites with their accounts. Convenient and fast, and… not very safe. That is why you should also let your users sign in with email.

You should always let your users sign in with email

No one denies that visiting a new site and immediately becoming its full-fledged member is extremely easy and fast. Still, if your site does not allow for a good old “manual” log-in, you’re limiting your visitor’s choice scaring away a lot of potential clients.

While most users prefer the easy way, it doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be an option. We’ve seen way too many leaks to doubt that. 

Many web developers fear implementing their email database because it means someone can steal all that data and complicates the whole process (you need a service for email verifications, etc.). It is not easy, so good hash and data salting is important. And you should have two-factor authentification. There are a lot of things to keep track of, and it tends to be a big headache for someone who’s only starting.

Maybe you’re still not sure. For many beginners, it’s a whole can of worms, and I’d understand if you want to keep it single. Should you give your users an option to use their own email? 100%. But if you can’t, at least increase the number of services they can use to sign in. Google and Facebook are the most popular but add to that list Microsoft and Apple. Leaks happen, but not that often. Having someone else handle sensitive data is liberating. 

To reiterate, you should always let your users sign in with email. It gives your users more options and makes them less hesitant to use your site. The choice is something we all appreciate. 

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