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Design Company Staff – What Employees Should It Have?

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Web design and development companies are in high demand as more businesses are shifting into the digital space. Having an efficient team to manage projects in a design company is an essential aspect of excellent results. Web development has numerous tasks that require expertise at different levels. Thus, one employee can’t handle the entire web design project from planning to execution. The process requires a team of skilled employees to handle specific phases for effective project coordination.

So, let us look at the different employees with specific skill sets that make up an efficient team in a design company.

Project Architects

Each web design company requires a project architecture to tackle the initial planning stages. This professional is on the front line discussing with the customers about the outlook and expectations of the website. They design and plan the construction to suit the client’s expectations and business needs. The project architect can supervise the task at the front-end and back-end to ensure it meets the desired results.

UI/UX Designers

After approval, the web design must undergo comprehensive research on how users might react to the end product. It has to align with the expectations of the intended audience. That is why a design company needs UI/UX designers to ensure seamless interaction between the users and the product. They are also known as User Interface or User Experience designers.

The main job of web UI designers is to develop the website functions, incorporate an appealing interface, usability and guarantee an effective product that satisfies both clients and users.

Web Developers

A design company requires web developers to be part of the team. Since the project has a front and a back-end, the company should hire at least two developers, one for each section. Front-end developers have the responsibility of transforming images into functional web pages. They must have a programming background and experience using languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5.

Conversely, back-end developers build and develop products for a site’s back-end. The developers must be proficient in Python, SQL, PHP, HTML5, CSS, Java, and other essential programming languages.

QA Specialists

Most businesses want a professional website and usually hire a competent design company with skilled experts. Quality is a vital aspect that clients look for in most service providers. That is why design companies need QA (quality assurance) specialists to scrutinize each project in all phases. From the start of the design project to the launching stage, it is imperative to have a QA specialist who can identify possible errors and suggests improvements on specific sections.

Optimal Staffing Is Essential

Web design companies handle many web projects simultaneously, that is why it is essential to have an efficient design team competent enough to handle the projects. By allocating each phase to a design professional, you enhance the success of the entire web project that will achieve the desired end product.

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